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The Challenge

The ability to stand out to a client among other competing firms is something all companies desire to have. Such was a primary goal of PTAM's when they decided to rebrand the company. In a world where there are just as many company to choose from to manage your money as there are funds to put our money into, PTAM wanted to propel their brand and become marketable to a wider client-base than they already had pre-launch.


Discovery & Strategy



Development Solutions

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Our Approach

As their lead designer, my job was to visually represent their desire to grow the business in a simple, yet eye-catching way, putting PTAM at the top of potential investors' lists of businesses to manage their assets in a very fluid financial market. With a refreshed brand, PTAM could focus on what they do best for their clients, while being proud of the collateral they provided on a monthly and quarterly basis. This collateral was developed to drive business alongside the Firm's refreshed website that was outsourced and completed along the same timeline. Once the brand campaign was live, I updated the marketing materials on a monthly and quarterly basis, and provided development support for the FIrm's backend in Joomla for it's two marketing websites.

The marketing materials that you guys produce make you look like a multi-billion dollar shop with hundreds of employees.
— PTAM Client, about collateral design and company size

At the time this was shared with our business development department, PTAM managed just over $1 Billion in assets with a firm of only 30 people.


Marketing Materials

At the core of its business, the marketing materials and internal collateral that was developed embodies the voice and messaging that PTAM wanted to advertise in its externally-facing brand. One-page tearsheets, fund fact documents, assets under management, and white paper commentaries wore a new skin and presentation materials were created with a new layout, tone and overall style applied to them. This gallery of image are a piece of the work that was accomplished during PTAM's brand refresh.



Discovery & Strategy


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Marketing Materials

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