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Logging Seizures


The Challenge

The product of my Master of Fine Arts in Communication Design, the Logging Seizures application was challenging in many ways. A goal was set out to not only help people who suffer from epilepsy, and provide them a tool to track and monitor their specific case, but also to prevent improper care for those who become unconscious while seizing. Visually-speaking, Logging Seizures stands out among its peers as many other medical applications lack the importance on design hierarchy, and solely focus on data delivery. The main challenge was to take the researched and proven beneficial parts of several case studies and put them into a single, but simplistic application for a user to have at their fingertips.


Discovery & Strategy


Interface Design

Multimedia Production

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Our Approach

Logging Seizures was built after weeks of research and development. Survey results poured in from users both in-the-know and whom know little about epilepsy. Data analysis on healthcare expenditure and the percentage of people who learn of their diagnosis at a given age was done. Information graphics were designed to help visualize these growing statistics, and at the end of this process, the application interface was developed solely around the capabilities and voice of the user who would eventually be holding this application in-hand while personally experiencing or a friend having a seizure. The result was a simplistic, yet powerful tool that would help translate a lost memory caught on camera for a doctor to help treat their patient. The result would be a priceless moment in time for someone to finally know the best course of action for their epilepsy treatment.

Know and understand the needs of your users.
— Drew Baker, Creator, Logging Seizures

I had the opportunity to write about Logging Seizures for the Invision App blog site. Check it out here.



Weeks of research were conducted and data was compiled to help build a foundation for the development of Logging Seizures' iterative design process. Survey monkey was utilized and shocking results came from the hundreds of people who were discovered to not know the correct ways of treating someone experiencing a seizure.

Information Graphics

The information collected in these information graphics was instrumental in the visual thesis defense that was performed at Harrington College of Design when this thesis was completed.

Topics included: Disorders of America, Healthcare Expenditures, Age Development Diagnosis, and Driving Restrictions

Interface Design

These screen examples were developed to showcase different pieces of the Logging Seizures application that were at the root of its goal to merge good design with practical usage.


Product Development

After many prototype iterations, Logging Seizures finally had a usable skin that reflected the desired need for simplicity and functionality. These are examples of those screens.


Motion Design

To help the audience experience Logging Seizures for what it would become, I developed a series of videos that showcase the functionality of each item within the application.


App Store and Onboarding

Seizure Log

Video and Lock Screen

Medication Log

Settings and Profile



Discovery & Strategy


Opportunity Analysis

Branding Strategy

Experience Strategy

Production Strategy


Visual Identity and Assets


Information Architecture

User Flow Mapping

Content Strategy and Production

Wireframing and Prototyping

Visual Design

Multimedia Production

Motion Design


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