Envisionit UX Designer Portfolio

Until recently, some of the work that I was a part of while working with Envisionit was still pre-launch. This page hosts the work I was a part of while fulfilling the role of Interface Designer. As these projects become live, they will have their own home on the larger portfolio page. The projects that are now live are being worked on to showcase my involvement with each project.



Sub-Navigation + Header/Footer Wireframes

Hyperwallet, a payout platform, hired Envisionit to redesign their website with a whole new persona as the driving force. I was not directly involved with this project, but I did consult on sub-navigation and header/footer wireframes. That work can be found here.

Project 120 & Yoko Ono's SKY LANDING

Wireframes, UX and Site Architecture

Envisionit has partnered with Project 120 for the last few years to create the Garden of the Phoenix website. Once that was complete, Envisionit was asked to produce a non-traditional site for Yoko Ono's sculpture, titled "SKY LANDING" which will be constructed in Jackson Park in the coming months.


Project 120 & Yoko Ono's SKY LANDING

Updated Wireframes, Global Assets and Site Structure

Just before departing from Envisionit, I took the early-stage wireframes and brought them closer to life with global assets and design solutions discussed between our team and the client. From this point forward, Envisionit will be developing the site and launching it with the completion of SKY LANDING's construction.

One Business Authors

Website Alterations

One Business Authors, a legacy client of Envisionit's was seeking to refresh a design that was created several years ago. They requested some elements be removed, others altered, and asked to have a completely different looking blog page. With limited time and budget, I worked directly with the development team to alter the necessary items and proposed a few items for the client to consider updating in the future.

NTN America

New Database Search and Backend Platforms

NTN America, a machine parts distribution company, hired Envisionit to create a new database search platform for special parts that they want to have select clients gain access to. This site was built with password protection logins on the front-end and database part searching once logged in. The screens for this project are currently unavailable at this time.

French Pastry School's "Butterbook" Online School

Vision Alignment

Introduced to me early on during my time with Envisionit, the French Pastry School of Chicago hired Envisionit to develop an online school separate from their physical location in the city. I joined the team when the vision for the project was being created. Since that time, a name and vision for the project have been moving forward.



UX Research

During my time working with Envisionit, I consulted on our French Pastry School client work. Together with the Director of User Experience, I researched the upcoming trends of online courses, in general, as well as cooking-specific course websites.