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Engagement Multiplier


The Challenge

Engagement Multiplier equips organizations with the tools and guidance to measure and continuously improve engagement in their employees. Their combination of surveys, dashboard reports, and expert guidance is built upon a framework of proven structure and visible results. At the project's launch, I was a part of a team set out to deliver a quick update to Engagement Multiplier's site. We aimed to copy write introductory text and other section content to frame a video that Envisionit had developed just before I had started working with them. My specific role was UI-focused in building out the prototype for what the before and after would look like.


Interface Design
Multimedia Production


Our Approach

Engagement Multiplier asked Envisionit for a marketing update on their website, and that is exactly what we gave them! We went head down on creating prototypes and wireframes of possible solutions, and worked with our internal digital copywriters to make sure the message was clear. The end result: a simplistic, accessible section of Engagement Multiplier's homepage now featured a video on how their product would immediately impact the bottom line of their clients.

Three reasons to make employee engagement a top priority now: productivity, retention, culture.
— Stefan Wissenbach, CEO, Engagement Multiplier

Experience Design

Our first step was to wireframe the page. Although this marketing update was fairly straightforward, it still helped to visually layout the homepage's structure and how new content would appropriately replace the old. Once the framework for the update was in place, the finishing touches quickly followed.



Engagement Multiplier's goal is to create engagement and retention for the employees of its clients, but it also seeks to engage its own users as well. The marketing video that Envisionit produced for this update clearly embodies this visually stunning goal, and the new section wanted to tease the viewer to engage in the video. We wrote brief enticing copy to get the viewer to click on the real treasure of this update, the video.


Marketing Video

Envisionit produced this video just before I was hired. It was my task to create the appropriate section for the video to live. The purpose of the motion design was to clearly communicate to the viewer how Engagement Multiplier will immediately impact its clients and improve employee engagement.




Wireframing and Prototyping

Visual Design

Responsive Design

Multimedia Production

Marketing Video


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